How to accelerate your programming development

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How to build neural networks that generalize well

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Best practices from large tech companies that are aggressively experimenting with everything

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“Randomized A/B or A/B/N tests are considered the gold standard in many quantitative scientific fields for evaluating treatment effects.” —Anirban Deb et al., Uber

Data discovery approaches at the largest tech companies

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How 3 of the largest tech companies approach data quality

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How a popular algorithm we use every day was published as a story about Ancient Greek Parliament and how it works

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This is how I successfully got the most out of my college experience.

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Hands-on Tutorials

How to use two different simulation techniques for hypothesis testing with examples in Python

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How to leverage the Fresh Start Effect to achieve your goals

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The Fresh Start Effect

A History of Cloud Computing. Where it started and what the future looks like

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What is Cloud Computing

Kevin Babitz

Data Scientist | MSE in Data Science at University of Pennsylvania (May 2021)

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